It’s important to call a Squirrel Removal expert to keep you safe and to eliminate squirrels from living inside your home. Critter & Pest Defense is the company to call. Though there is nothing we can do to keep them from your trees or playing on your roof, we can eliminate them  from your attic or garage areas and get your home protected. Squirrels may seem adorable when they frolic in your yard, but they can cause destruction and damage if they get into your home. At times they can be quite territorial and pretty determined to get what they want so be aware of your surrounding.

We will come and inspect you home, find how they got in, and share with you the best plan to implement to get them out and keep them out. Our plan will include repairing any outside damage done to your home and a clean up of the attic. Squirrels are notorious for chewing – whether it be on cable wiring, wood, or electrical wiring, they are nondiscriminatory in their destruction. The wire gnawing is perhaps the most dangerous damage they do, as their stripping of insulation from the wires can cause an increased risk of fire in your home.  We would need to call in a electrical technician if any damage is done to wires, to rest assured, your situation can be fixed. Like many other pesky critters, they also can carry diseases, from the parasites that live on them since they don’t seem to mind their own excrement. Although cute, they are better outside of your home and away from where you and your family live. A couple of the diseases they are known to carry are leptospirosis and salmonella.

If you have and/or suspect of any squirrels that may have moved in your house/attic or some other place in your residence, make sure you call the experts to eradicate all of their nests inside of your home. Our expert Orlando squirrel removal operators are equipped and well trained to remove these critters in humane and safe methods. Squirrels are one the many rodents we are masters at capturing! When it comes to these critters, they don’t stand a chance with Critter & Pest Defense! Once we find them, they are gone for good and we will make sure they don’t gain access again to the inside of your home.