Ticks are known for carrying many diseases, the most common of which is Lyme disease.  About 20% of ticks are infected with Lyme disease.  Lyme disease is a bacterial infection, caused by borrelia burgdorferi, which lives in the saliva of ticks and can be transferred by a bite.  The area around the bite turns red with rings extending out from the bite.  Some weeks after a person is bitten, people can experience a numb feeling, painful inflammation of the nerves, and even paralysis.  These symptoms can come and go over time, and even several years later Lyme disease can effect the joins, skin, and heart if left untreated.  In order to protect yourself from ticks, attention should be paid to your shrubbery and crawl spaces around your building.  Our staff at Critter and Pest Defense is fully trained, licensed, and insured to work with you to figure out the best way to treat your home for ticks and solve your issues in a way that is both environmentally friendly and safe for you, your loved ones, and your pets.  We guarantee our results and look forward to working with you!

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