Copy (3) of clararaccoon002Orlando Raccoon Control professionals are here at Critter & Pest Defense. Raccoons are often considered one of the cutest of the pesky wildlife critters that can enter your yard or home, but while they may seem cute and cuddly, raccoons are actually very destructive and extremely aggressive animals.  They are avid chewers, and will gnaw on wood, cables, electrical wires, and any possessions you have stored in your garage or attic. If they are protecting young they are known to attack and injure humans. Whether you are needing these guys to be trapped and relocated or to have them removed from your attic space we are here to help you take care of both. We will come to your home and find the entry points, take care of those repairs so that your home looks good as new, and we will do what it takes to keep them from re-entry. At times there are babies involved and we will safely and humanly remove them from your attic, once for sure the mom is out, and do our best to keep the family together. It is important to contact a certified pest control operator from Critter & Pest Defense to trap and relocate these animals if they have taken up space in your home or office.  We know how to trap and relocate these pesky guys to keep them out of your attic and to keep you safe.

Our staff at Critter and Pest Defense includes fully trained, licensed and insured technicians who will work with you to figure out the exact problem you are having with with raccoons or any other wildlife. Our technicians receive the required CEU classes by state approved operators to keep everyone up on the newest information that would be important for your job. It is our mission to get rid of any problem animals and pests that are bothering you in a humane manner that is both environmentally friendly and also safe for you, your pets, and your loved ones.