Rat Removal Orlando & Rat Control Orlando

Are you hearing noises in your Orlando home?  Is scratching and squeaking keeping you rat removal orlandoup at night? Rats can become a serious problem for your home or business if you let them, they generally reproduce very quickly and have no problem finding ways to take up occupancy in your pantry and living space.  Call Critter & Pest Defense @407-373-4515, and let us be your Rat Removal Orlando Experts.

Whether it be in walls, the attic, or even in a fireplace because of their natural instincts they can often sneak by almost undetected until you notice the damage they have left behind. Often, they will tunnel through insulation and leave droppings which can cause a horrible odor.  They are known for chewing on wires as well, and can unknowingly set off an alarm system or cause systems in your home or office to crash down.  By chewing the insulation off of wires they can also cause the risk of fires in your building. They burrow through insulation which gives them greater access to the wires and pipes in your attic space.Rat Control Orlando Besides the physical damage they can cause, any wild rodent can represent a higher exposure to disease and many health conditions to you and your family.  Most rats carry diseases such as Lyme disease or the Hanta virus, and hosting parasites including fleas, worms, and mites that can also spread disease.

If you have these unwanted guests scurrying around, Critter and Pest Defense is here to help. Rat Removal Orlando in general is one of the things we do best! We will use the information left behind by the rodents in order to determine the best places for trap and bait placements, and remove the pests from your home or office.  Once we find the original point of entry, we will seal it off, effectively closing out the rodents from your home.  We will also eliminate any odors and waste left behind with our decontamination process.

If you are noticing rats around the outside of you home and you believe they are not inside just yet, we also have a baiting system program that may be best to fit your needs at this time. Our professional technician will come to your home, set up the bait boxes, and also inspect your home to ensure no entry has taken place.  At that time we can also provide for you a prevention plan to make sure that entry does NOT take place. We would come once a month to check the bait and to replace the boxes with fresh bait. All products that we use are locked in the bait box where dogs or other family outdoor pets can not be harmed.  If you are in need of any of our rat/rodent control services call Critter & Pest Defense today and we will get you moving in the right direction. guaranteed-work