Bed bugs are a lot like your annoying Aunt Thelma – once they show up, it seems they’ll never leave! These little creatures are called the ‘hitch hiker’ bug because they’re usually  bed bug removal orlandointroduced into your home from a piece of clothing, a blanket, or other objects. They love to live in places where many occupants sleep and they’re mostly attracted to warm spots.

While most people assume bed bugs are only found in beds, they can also be found living in laptops, sweaters, or in the crevices of furniture and walls. These creepy bugs are completely unwanted because not only are they crawly and gross, but they also like to feed on your blood overnight. If you have an infestation of bed bugs, you can wake up with bites and sores all over your body from their nightly feedings. At Critter and Pest Defense, we have many effective ways of stopping a bed bug infestation. But, as a homeowner, how do you prevent the insurgence of bed bugs? Here are three of the best ways to completely avoid these unwanted creatures in your home.

1)     Have safe travels. The most popular place that you can pick up bed bugs and take them home is in a hotel room. Don’t set your luggage or belongings on the bed until you’re sure there are no bed bugs. As soon as you get into your room, pull back the sheets and look for bugs along the seam of the mattress. Inspect behind the headboard and examine the crevices of the room’s furniture. If you suspect the presence of bed bugs, ask to be moved to a new room – or even a different hotel.

2)     Have a clean homecoming. When you’ve returned from a trip, take precautionary measures to be sure bed bugs haven’t escorted you home. Place all your clothes directly into the washer and clean them on the highest setting, or consider taking them to the dry cleaner if needed. Take a close look at your luggage and other personal belongings and consider hand washing or vacuuming these items.

3)     Inspect antiques. Finding a bargain on used furniture or antique trinkets is always fun. However, to ensure there aren’t live bed bugs waiting to invade in these vintage pieces, you should inspect them thoroughly. Wash and dry anything you can in high temperatures and check all crevices and cracks before allowing pieces in your home.

Following these guidelines should help you avoid the onset of bed bugs. However, if you find an infestation, remember Critter & Pest Defense is always here to help!

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