If you’ve been hearing a scurry or other activity in the attic while at home during the day, it may have been temporarily hijacked by an animal as a new home, nesting site, or playground. The noises you hear in your attic throughout the day can be even scarier if you IMG_2808-2don’t know exactly what’s up there. But don’t worry. If you’re hearing noises during the day, more than likely, there is a family of squirrels or raccoons busy in your attic. While they can be cute, their adorable little teeth can also chew on your electrical, plumbing, and framing, causing extensive damage. It’s important to deal with your new attic guests as soon as you suspect they’re up there.

At Critter & Pest Defense, we’ve dealt with many attic invasions and we’re always happy to humanely capture the culprit and his family and relocate them. We also re-seal the entrances that the creatures were using to ensure no other wildlife decide to scamper in and make themselves at home. Here are some ways to know for sure if squirrels are taking over your attic.

If you hear simple creaking from your home during the day, that’s normal. It may not be a squirrel infestation at all but your home simply settling and expanding with the weather changes. However, if there are squirrels in the attic, you’ll hear more of a scurrying and scuffling through the ceiling. If you start to hear these types of noises during the day, it’s time to get a Critter & Pest Defense professional out to investigate the situation.

If you’re brave enough, try to pop your head into the attic to investigate. Look for any chewing or biting marks on the wood construction and look for a makeshift nest made out of leaves or other debris. Another telltale sign that squirrels are present in the attic are nuts or droppings. If you see any of these during your attic visit, call Critter & Pest Defense as soon as possible.

Our pest control orlando experts have years of experience removing furry creatures like squirrels from attics. We trap them, re-release them somewhere safe, and help our client to figure out how the critters entered the attic in the first place. We then work to seal the attic so it’s safe from intrusion. If you suspect you have squirrels in your attic, give Critter & Pest Defense a call today!

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