Many of our clients who have dealt with attic squirrel infestations in the past get a little nervous any time they see squirrels anywhere near their home. It’s understandable – dealing with a critter takeover in your attic can be an annoying, costly, and smelly process. There are plenty of ‘squirrel deterrent’ products on the market and many homemade myths about how to keep squirrels away from your property, and more importantly, off your roof.squirrel removal services orlando

However, with the years of Orlando squirrel removal service experience we have here at Critter & Pest Defense, we’ve found that none of these store-bought deterrents or homemade remedies really works to keep the squirrels at bay. So, what can you do as a homeowner to be sure your home is safe from an infestation of squirrels? Here are a few ways you can feel confident that squirrels will stay outside.

Watch out for entry holes. It’s important to keep a close eye on your stucco, doors, windows, and roof framing, especially your soffit areas and where they meet up with the roof,  to make sure there are no holes or entry points that could be breached by squirrels. If you make it hard for a squirrel to find a place to enter your home, he’ll most likely give up and stop snooping around. If you’re noticing a lot of squirrels gathering on your roof or in a particular area, pay more attention to that area and be sure there is no entry hole that pops up. Also, a dead give a way that you have squirrels or rats nesting at your home is that your plumbing stacks will have chewing marks. These things are hard to see unless you have someone get on your roof and look.  The chewing normally starts off on the inside edge where you can’t see from the ground.

Watch out for wood damage. Squirrels may find a weak spot in your wood soffit and start to chew. They’ll eventually make a hole big enough that they can squeeze through and make a home in your attic or roof. It’s important to be sure you have no weak spots, wood rot, or the start of wood damage around your home to allow squirrels to chew their way in.

Watch out for electrical wiring. Be sure you have no exposed electrical wiring on the outside of your home. Squirrels are attracted to anything they can chew and wires are definitely an attraction for a squirrel family. They can cause major damage to the wires, which can be a costly repair. Pulling at these wires can also cause a gap big enough for them to somehow make their way in.

While there is no squirrel repellent that will keep these creatures off your roof or away from your home, they can be harmless outdoor visitors if you simply call Critter & Pest Defense for an inspection and seal up of your home. If you suspect a squirrel infestation in your home but are not sure, an ounce of prevention is a pound of cure.  Call Critter & Pest Defense today!

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