Many of our clients with critter issues are only focused on getting rid of the infestation. However, at Critter & Pest Defense, we’re always sure to emphasize the importance of what happens after the critter infestation problem is solved. Decontamination is such an important part of the critter removal process for the health and safety of your family and home. Here are just a few reasons why you should allow us to complete a decontamination process on your home after critter removal has taken place.Ams example pics 260

Critters can contaminate your home’s air. When critters take over your attic or other area in your home, they truly take over.  They leave droppings of feces all over and urinate onto your insulation or wood framing. The airborne bacteria and odors in the critters’ feces and urination can be circulated through your home through your air conditioning system. These odors or bacteria can make you and your family ill, or can simply cause an unpleasant living situation. Decontamination right after the removal of critters can prevent this circulation from occurring and will keep your home fresh and free of bacteria.

Critters carry disease. One of the scariest things about critters camping out in your home is that they’re known to carry diseases that can easily be spread to humans. More specifically, rats and mice are known to sometimes be infected with diseases such as salmonella, murine typhus, or Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS). These diseases can be carried by the rodents themselves but are sometimes carried by the fleas that live on them. When rodents live in your home, the fleas they carry can also decide to make a home in your insulation or attic storage of clothing and blankets. It’s so important that once the rats and mice are out of the home, the areas where they were living are thoroughly decontaminated to prevent the possible spread of these diseases.

Critters leave pheromones. At Critter & Pest Defense, we emphasize the decontamination process because critters can leave behind smells and pheromones that attract other critters. Rodents talk to each other through scent and leaving behind these scents in your home can entice new rodents to try and enter your attic. Our decontamination process includes the removal of these scents and a neutralization of the area to prevent new critters from wanting to move in.

Here at Critter & Pest Defense, we pride ourselves on not only the removal of critters, but also the prevention of another infestation. Decontamination plays a huge role in that prevention. If you suspect the influx of critters in your home, give us a call today!

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