Squirrels seem so cute and harmless. They’re furry and they frolic around our neighborhoods picking up nuts off the ground with their tiny hands to bring back to their cute little squirrel families. What damage could these adorable creatures really do to our homes? Why would you ever need to use our squirrel removal services?

You’d be surprised at some of the disastrous damage these furry little animals can accomplish. Homeowners who are invaded by squirrel removal services orlandosquirrels in the attic soon learn how important it is to keep them away from the home and just how expensive a squirrel invasion can be. Still not convinced that these little guys can cause serious damage to your home? Here are just a few ways squirrels can be detrimental to your home.

Chew, chew, chew. Squirrels love nuts – we all know that. In order to crack and crunch on nuts, squirrels have extremely thick and durable teeth. However, to stay sharp and usable, these teeth need to be constantly worn and grinded down. When squirrels make a home in your home, guess what they’ll be using as chew toys to keep those teeth sharp and grinded? Anything and everything they can find. This means your electrical wires, the wood frame of your attic walls, or any belongings you may be storing in your attic.

Noises in the attic. One of the main reasons homeowners call us for squirrel removal services is due to the noise of their new squirrel family. They’re diggers, chewers, and are very active. Most homeowners can hear all of this early in the day and in the early or late afternoon, since squirrels are awake during the day. The off and on noise is enough to drive any resident crazy. Using our squirrel removal services brings back the peace and quiet to a home.

Building a nest. Most squirrels take over attics because they are looking for a safe place to nest. The home’s attic becomes their new nest. In order to make it feel more like home, squirrels will move things, chew things, and borough through things for the perfect cozy nest. Also, once squirrels make themselves at home, they have no problem relieving themselves right where they stay. The damage they can cause can be severe, which is why homeowners ask for our squirrel removal services as soon as possible.

Dealing with a possible squirrel invasion? Give Critter & Pest Defense a call today and we’ll be happy to help with our expert squirrel removal services!

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