Our pest control experts have informed many clients about the sneaky and stealthy ways that critters can enter the home. So, sometimes when new attic guests are discovered by homeowners, their first reaction is to question their roofer about where the critters may be getting in. While a roofer is knowledgeable on a tightly sealed roof and installing quality shingles, he or she may not have a deep understanding of the habits and abilities of local critters.orlando pest control

A roofer may take a look at the roof and tell the homeowner everything looks great, while there are still some breaches in the home that would allow critters to set up shop in the attic. Rodents like raccoons, rats, and mice have behavioral patterns that the experts at Critter & Pest Defense have studied and analyzed. Here are a few reasons why it’s best to ask us about attic critters rather than your roofer.

We know where to look. A roofer would focus on any holes, or chewed through entry ways in the actual roof. However, there are plenty of other places critters can find their way into your attic. There may be a hole in the stucco of the home, allowing the rodent to climb in. There may also be a breach in the frame of the home underneath the roof where the critters may be entering.

Your attic is a warm, quiet, and dark place. So, once a critter finds a way into the top of the home, the attic is a very attractive place to set up a home base. The critters may not be getting in through the roof itself, but still settling into the attic. A Critter & Pest Defense expert knows the common places and entry ways that rodents use to invade an attic and can assist you in sealing up these potential entry points.

We know what to look for. Roofers may not understand how small rodents and critters can make themselves in order to fit through a tiny entry hole. A roofer may have given the roof a once over, but a tiny hole could have escaped their review and gone untreated. An expert from Critter & Pest Defense knows that even the tiniest of entry holes is enough for a family of rodents to gain entrance to the attic. One of our experts can closely analyze the roof and surrounding area for one of these tiny, hard to see holes, and help to remove the critters, and patch up the hole so no more can enter.

If you suspect the onset of critters in your attic, don’t call your roofer – call the pest control experts. Give a professional at Critter & Pest Defense a call today!

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