Roaches are one of the most dreaded intruders in a home. They’re big, they’re gross, they move quickly, and they multiply even more quickly. At Critter & Pest Defense, we’ve developed an effective treatment that will exterminate a roach infestation and focus on Pest control orlandocompletely defeating their entire life cycle. These treatments are safe for the environment, the family, and even the family pets, while still being effective at the elimination of these pests from the home. Here’s a little rundown of how roaches reproduce and how our monthly or bimonthly roach treatment stops them from doing so.

Female cockroaches are looking for a warm, humid area to lay their eggs. That’s why cockroaches love Florida homes. They usually leave their egg capsules in laundry rooms, kitchens, or basements. Many cockroaches will lay their eggs behind furniture, under cabinets, or in the back of appliances because they’re also in search of quiet, dark places that seem safe. A female cockroach produces a protective case for her egg capsule, which is generally only about 38 mm in size, to shield them from any dangers where they’re laid.

Between the tiny protective capsule and the secluded hiding spots, many homeowners may feel defeated by cockroaches once they learn more about their habits. However, at Critter & Pest Defense, our monthly cockroach treatments specifically target the roaches’ environments to eliminate roaches as soon as they hatch. This prevents them from invading your home and continuing the reproduction cycle. With the consistent treatment that we provide to our clients, the entire life cycle of the cockroach is stopped.

Roaches follow a six month life cycle, so our clients are advised to continue treatment with us for at least six months so we’re sure to have killed the complete cycle. Many clients see results and are surprised by much fewer roaches after only one month of the Critter & Pest Defense treatment, but it’s important to consistently expose these roaches to our powerful treatment. Don’t forget about the many egg capsules hidden around the home that are waiting to hatch. A regular treatment is the only way to guarantee the elimination of a new generation of infestation.

If you’re seeing an influx of cockroaches in your home, they’re more than likely breeding to produce another onset of cockroaches to invade. Give Critter & Pest Defense a call today so we can evaluate your pest situation and offer you an effective yet safe roach treatment option.

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