Bats can be a huge nuisance if they have taken up living space in your home. Bats can be helpful to have around your home because they help keep the insects and bugs down, but they are not good to have in your attic space. They are known to cause illness and their oder is a very potent smell which makes life, at times, unbearable to live in your home.   If you are seeing black markings on the side of your house and hearing things at night, you may have bats.  There is a possibility for other critters as well.  Noises usually mean that wildlife have found an entry point to your attic and they have taken up residency. Exclusion of bats out of your home or office has to be done during spring or fall. August 15th to April 15th is the time period we are legally able to remove, net out, exclude bats from your home. During this time we can also seal any entry points, fix any damage done and decontaminate your living space.  Outside of this time period, we CAN NOT net the bats out or remove them. If the bats leave themselves, we are allowed by law to seal your home, repair and decontaminate so that they can not return into your attic space; we just can not remove them ourselves.  There are some cases where insulation must be removed and replaced because of guano and urine but we also provided this service. All of our Bat Removal Orlando and Tampa services come with a warranty and are guaranteed.

No matter the height, we are able to exclude bats from your living space. We are here to help you and we understand your concern. At Critter & Pest Defense our prices are competitive, honest, and affordable. As said before, all of our work is guaranteed for a year and after that year there are two ways you may extend your warranty with us. By having our company inspect your home with a service charge, or by signing up for Pest Control service with us, our repairs to your home will continue to be under warranty for that next year.  We also trap/remove raccoons, squirrels, rats, snakes, and other wildlife listed on our website as well.   Call Critter & Pest Defense for your Orlando and Tampa Bat Removal needs and any other Pest Control or Animal Removal services. Just as a reminder we also service neighboring communities.