Trapping AnimalAnimal Trapping Services Orlando is what we do at Critter & Pest Defense. There are several critters we are able to trap and relocate in a safe, humane way. Each animal has a unique way to be trapped, depending on intelligence, the bait they prefer, and trap location.  The animals we trap do not get harmed in any way. Even though these critters each have a unique way of thinking and desire different foods we are able to trap and relocate them with out a problem. Our trained animal trapping technicians are able to determine the best trap positioning and location by inspecting the property and seeing what the animal has left behind as evidence of their activity. We provide following animal trapping services in Orlando:

  • Raccoon
  • Armadillo
  • Opossum

Helpful Hints: Armadillo are commonly known for digging up under your home. If you notice these types of holes please call us right away.  Their digging can cause your foundation to shift and this can result in an expensive fix.  Also, if you are seeing holes, do not cover them until the armadillo has been trapped and taken away.  Closing the hole makes it difficult to find where they are and where we should place the traps.

Please note:  We do not take dog or cat calls for animal trapping services in Orlando.

Animal Trapping Orlando

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