Here are just a few of the critters we find inside homeowners Attic’s. Squirrels typically you would hear during the day and raccoon, rats, opossum, and bats, you typically hear during the night. They seem to go into attics to find shelter from the different temperatures, to have their young, and to stay protected from other wildlife. At times it may even sound like they have their own little play ground up there, but their fun is your headache. WE CAN HELP!  We can trap, relocate, and seal your home so that they can not re-enter. These animals can cause great damage to your insulation, electrical, plumbing, and your roof. Here at Critter & Pest Defense we provide the service that will kick these guys out for good, relocate them away from your home, repair the areas they have caused damage to, and for sure, make your attic wildlife free.

Below you can see pictures of some entry points we have found on homes.  The smaller critters, such as rats, squirrels, snakes, and bats, they only need the size of a dime to make their way into your attic space.  Smaller openings that you think may not be of concern truly are due to the ability they have to push their way through .The larger critters, such as raccoon and opossum they can push their way into any soffit that is not secure and scratch and pull at an area, such as in picture 2 on the top, to make their way into your attic space. Any soffit that may be loose can be pulled, pushed, and opened by these larger animals.








We hope that you can have peace knowing that we can rid your home of these critters. We know what has to be done to protect your home and bring you peace of mind knowing they are gone for good. Our work is guaranteed and is under warranty for the first year, and can be renewed by a service call to inspect the home or business at the end of that first year.  You can also have Critter & Pest Defense as your Pest Control provider and this too will renew the warranty each year you choose us to take care of your general household pest control needs.