In case anyone wants to use Critter and Pest Defense... I've done business with them for years and have literally seen them tackle rats, racoons, possums, bats, snakes... I remember a huge beehive IN a ladies house Carl handled once... Also dead stinky animals, squirrels in attics including flying squirrels, cockroaches, ground wasps at our house once, ants. Animals in chimneys, bird problems, animals in walls or in the pipes... They do seal ups and decontaminate attics in homes... THIS COMPANY TOTALLY ROCKS!!!! And they always try to save the bigger animals as much as possible which a lot of the home owners don't even care about but it's very humane and I like that. 🙂 HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!!!

—Adam Evans

Always friendly and very professional.

—Lisa Hernandez

From the first e-mail to the actual visit with Jason, Critter & Pest Defense was professional, personable and approachable. I love the "Mom&Pop" feel of the business as well as the prices which are quite compatible. I recommend Critter & Pest Defense. Great people! Great company!

—Carina Stewart

Carl came & conquered our ant problem & have not had a problem since.  He is truly a honest man with very reasonable rates.  He will be there when you need him – very accommodating!  He is always on time for his appointments and recommends ways to keep the critters from entering your house through the roof spaces & corrects them making you feel secure.  We highly recommend his services!


Critter & Pest Defense took care of our squirrel problem quickly & at the best price we could find.  They came, set up traps, sealed our home and solved our problem within a week.  We are now squirrel free, happy homeowners.


Thank you for your friendliness, courtesy and professionalism.  You can rest assured that if another critter invades my property, I will contact you for assistance.


Reasonably priced, we had a long running problem with rats in the attic since we moved into the house in 2001 when finally one got in the house through the chimney.  Critter & Pest Defense came out & within a month’s time, we are rat free!


I was completely satisfied with the way Carl took care of our rat problem.  I am a business owner and had a rat infestation in my business lunch room.  I needed this problem taken care of quickly.  Critter & Pest Defense gave us the best estimate & came quickly to set traps and remove rats…he located where the rats were getting in & solved the problem.

—Apopka Business Owner

Just wanted to thank you again and again for the prompt, professional and easy removal of the three raccoons and two opossum from my backyard.  I never expected you to catch three the first morning after setting traps and then to catch two the following morning – just terrific.  I wish you all the best in your business – you are very good at what you do.  I’ll definitely pass along your contact info to anyone in need of your services and of course, keep it handy in case the wild life is out of control again!  No more raccoon hoe-downs in the middle of the night on my back deck!  Thank you so much again


Thanks again for removing the raccoons from our attic. Your professionalism and persistence in capturing these critters is greatly appreciated. I highly recommend your company!

—Patty and Doug Wattwood